Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More layouts

I thought I would share a few layouts that I have finished today. Its a beautiful day and I'm home waiting for a parcel so I thought I would jump on the computer. Yesterday was Halloween dress up day at playgroup so here is Ben in a bit of dress up.

Pumpkin face
This is one for his 21st birthday The fairy princess lol

This is a layout from a kit at scrapbook station by Janine I love her work and I'm so pleased to be able to do one of her kits.

Another one from the kit this is me as a baby

Some of daisy D's paper (I think from memory)

Another one from our Port Vincent holiday

A bit plain after the first two but I like them.

Well thats all from me for now bye.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bens new haircut.

Today Ben had his second hair cut in three years. I kept putting off getting him a hair cut because he had curly hair and I thought that maybe the curls could be cut of, but he needed a hair cut, and he had his hair cut and he still has his curls. He looks so cute I should have done it sooner.

Before we left for the hair dressers.

They have this great car seat he just sat on it looking at himself in the mirror.

He didn't have too much cut off mainly just a trim.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Its been a while

Its been awhile since my last post I didn't realise it was so long. Not been up to much but I joined face book and boy is that addictive. Trying to find school friends I cant remember any of their names and only know their maiden names. My son David bought himself a Wii and that is addictive as well and a whole lot of fun. My husband and I sneak into his room when he's out and play bowling. I tell you what I've done my shoulder and my hip playing on that thing. Its quite dangerous lol. Ben wants to join in on the fun so we give him an old controller and he thinks he's playing too.
Here are some layouts that I've finished.

Using the Kaiser craft superhero range.

This was inspired by a layout in the new magazine for keeps which I borrowed from the library, and I cant remember the name of the designer.

I don't think you can go wrong with basic grey.
bye for now.