Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Australia Day.

Happy Australia Day to everyone, I hope you have a great long weekend. We just had a quiet one. DH bought himself a new motor bike and picked it up Sat morning, he was very excited. Its a lovely colour, it goes from purple to blue glitter as it hits different parts of the sun. He's out riding now.

In SA were about to have a heat wave three days at 40degrees we haven't really had much hot weather so far, but it was about to come.

I did a bit of scrapping and this is a layout of our first house. It cost us 45,000 and we had a 38,ooo mortgage which at the time was an enormous amount how were we going to manage? Now my son David is looking to buy a house with a 250,ooo mortgage both at the low end of the market.

I took Ben to the local swimming pool, he loved playing in the kiddies pool, I took a few photos, but as we were leaving there was a big sign as you enter saying not to take photos. I didn't see it and none of the life guards said anything.

the new motorbike

it comes with radio, CD player and CB radio.

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