Thursday, March 12, 2009

been up to...

Hi, hope every ones fine. I've had a busy month we went on a road trip along Great Ocean Road stopping at all the sights. Spent one night at Eden Hope where a friend has a pub, then Geelong and Warrnamble before heading home, lots of sightseeing and much walking, so tiring.
My middle son David turned 21 on Tuesday and we had his birthday Saturday night, he enjoyed himself and his friends had a great time. My DH was worried about the young ones causing trouble, but it was the older ones heading towards 50 that were the ones to watch the 21 yo were the well behaved ones.
My weight loss is going really well despite holidays and parties I've lost 8 kilos this year, 23kilos from when I was at my worst in Jan 07.
Ive been doing more scrapping to take my mind of eating and I've been doing some wedding ones from 1985.

Shappy chic I get to use all my pink stuff.


kathie said...

Hey, great guns with the weight loss. Fantastic achievement!
Lovin' all the layouts. Your Ben is such a little cutie :)

Nerrida said...

Well done! Those last 2 layouts are terrific and really appeal to me - love how they turned out!

kerry said...

Hi Joanne glad to see that you are still losing weiight thats a great achievement.Love all the layouts too.TAke care Kerry xx

Natalie said...

Great blog Joanne
Loving your pages